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There is always something to do ...for those who want!

The unique position of the Vara Valley offers everyone the opportunity to engage inexcursionst o the mountains orthe sea. Each tourcan betailor-made according to the need sand desires of our guests.

The path from the Passo di Cento Croci in Varese Ligureis a"classic" hiking trail; for those who enjoy better alazy afternoon on the beach,instead, the enchanted sands of Cinque Terre and the Baia del Silenzio in Sestri Levante are just fewmiles away.

For those who love something more “ extreme “ - and in particular the Mountain Bike -the landscape which surrounds L’Antico Cornio of fersa wide range of trails, totally immersed in the green and whith different difficulties. We remain at your disposal to advise you on the trailsorto take you ona ride.

For the “passionates”, from theend of August up to the Autumn, it will possible to pick up mushrooms and chestnuts of which our woods are rich.What you’ve found,then, will be, if you wish, immediately cooked and enjoyed in our restaurant!!


Here at L’Antico Cornio we are equipped to offer you the opportunity to make wonderful ridingin the most pictures que and beautiful places of our valley; a wonderful adventure open to all! You can ride from one hour to two hours and a half,arrangea full day oftrekking on horseback.


Just a few milesfrom our farmwas recently opened anadventure park, full of footpaths open to all,from children to the most experienced climbers.

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